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Thanks to a top level network of advisors and in a highly confidential environment, we assure optimal planning and management solutions
with transparent costs for High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors.


Successful and wealthy people tend to be very busy people and, for this reason, they require to have a trusted, competent and experienced team alongside them to deal both with long-term and day-to-day cares. Private clients and entrepreneurs are a vital part of our business. Wealth protection planning is an essential component for the development of efficient private wealth planning strategies. Our specialised services in wealth protection planning, are mainly focused around the use of entities based in International finance centres. This helps us to develop asset protection strategies to better preserve your wealth.


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Trustees Services

Estate Planning and Family Office

Investment funds formation and administration

Retirement strategies

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Family Office

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For families with complex and often international business interests, who are looking for first class personal and professional services, the family office structure removes the considerable time and burden involved in dealing with family affairs.
The family office team of experts will report to key family members, providing a corporate governance framework.
The set up of a family office offers several advantages, and allows you to:

  • Delegate the task of organising your assets to professionals
  • Rely on expert advice and skill set
  • Rely on a single contact to manage all your queries, which may include tax and legal services, cash management, property services, leisure and entertainment support and much more
  • Rely on a coordinated effort plan for all your activities


We counsel, assist and handle all relevant matters on behalf of the Family to help the Family realise its vision and assist current and future generations in living an affluent life in a constructive and personally satisfying manner. Every relation is nurtured and every task, from cash flow management to leisure support, is fulfilled with great care.


We create diversified investment portfolios that are designed to provide consistent, risk-adjusted returns on a medium and longer term basis. Each portfolio is constructed using our sophisticated investment management process.


Our tax advisors are dedicated to serving the unique needs of each family office. Our team has an international and extensive experience resolving the complex tax issues faced by families of significant net worth and the businesses that they own.


Through our affiliates we provide independent trustees services in various jurisdictions with a strong expertise in International regulations and legislations, managing and administering on-shore and off-shore entrusted assets for our Clients.


Many families find the administration of estates to be overly complex and time consuming with significant risk exposure. We provide the guidance and oversight to properly administer estates to ensure a family’s legacy is maintained across generations, but we also deal with sales and acquisitions, property funds and financing, provision of property holding companies and trusts.


We provide solid retirement plans tailored on the real goals our clients wish to realise, finding the way to make their priorities happen and protecting their wealth from unneeded financial risks. Our advisors help our clients to make their life transition smooth and fruitful.


Many affluent families believe that every individual has a responsibility to their community. Since giving is different for everyone, we provide the thought leadership and advisory capabilities to structure meaningful solutions that engage and empower all family members in giving back. We provide administration, grant letters, processes, policy development and adherence, and education and advice on alternatives regarding structures and management.

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portfolio management

Orion Wealth

We create diversified investment portfolios that are designed to provide consistent, risk-adjusted returns on a medium and longer term basis. Each portfolio is constructed using our sophisticated investment management process.


  • Through an independent selection process we can source the best funds on the market as a result of an in-depth due diligence targeted to the full understanding of the underlying investment strategy and operational risks.
  • When required, we can set up an ad-hoc fund, selecting the best external asset managers monitoring them throughout the investment life.
  • Thanks to our network and background, we have privileged access to news, information and records of many funds.


  • We have an in-depth derivatives know-how and capabilities. The process starts by identifying together with the client the best and most appropriate structured bond solution.
  • We then work with a large number of top tier investment banks and issuers in order to structure the most effective solution.
  • Our pricing capability and full control of derivative pricing models is a precondition for obtaining the best service from top international investment banks.


Most of the institutional investors have specific investment requirements based on their risk profile appetite, investment objectives, cash flow modelling.


  • Strong relationship with banks, funds and other institutional counterparties
  • Bank accounts agreements
  • Strong financial market know how
  • Regular analysis and report about stocks selection, market performance, strategic outlook
  • Independence and impartiality

We adopt a “common sense” approach in the selection of investments which is a result of our total independence and impartiality (cash products, equities, government and corporate bonds, commodities, mutual funds, structure products, and alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds). Our independence enable us to deliver value-added solutions and a tailor-made service to best fit the strategic implementation. We strive for excellence, searching products which best fit the client objectives providing performances superior to the benchmark indexes.


Our costs’ structure is very simple to calculate and understand.

  • Our management fee is calculated as a percentage of the assets under management and it depends from the size of the assets managed and the complexity of the services provided.
  • Our performance fee is applicable only if the performance realized is above a specific benchmark agreed with the client.

Referring to banking costs, we have the opportunity to propose to our clients special conditions and in particular the application of an “all-in fee”, where the total banking costs are clear and fixed independently from the number, type and amount of the transactions.

Our approach to generate first-class investments is founded on the following key principles:



To provide a real tailor-made advisory service, we carefully study the profile of every client to analyse his assets and understand his possibilities/attitude to risk, his goals and ambitions.


To maximise investment returns we choose the most appropriate assets and balanced portfolios.


Portfolios need to be actively adjusted to take account of fast changing market conditions. For this reason, we combine our balanced, strategic approach to asset allocation with active management of the underlying assets and tactical allocation adjustment to consistently maintain an optimal blend of assets.


In support of our investment managers and our asset selection, we buy high calibre independent research, utilise high quality external dealing, banking and custody partners and maintain best practice with regard to fees, dealing and general costs.


The client’s portfolio is built and managed by a selected team of investment managers to combine their understanding of a client’s specific requirements, with asset allocation guidance from our investment committee and investment selections from our research team.

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